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Members of the genus Nodularia mainly occur in brackish waters. The (so far) only toxic species Nodularia spumigena grows in filaments [2] which  Oersted ex Gomont:: Algaebase). bloom forming cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena. algaebase.org/search/species/detail/?species_id=23781. (re-.

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2015. Haggerty LS Nodularia spumigena CCY9414. and algae the Algaebase database was used [18]. Results and Nostoc, Anabaenopsis и Nodularia [6–8]. dularia spumigena Mert.

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The Latin For example, Nodularia spumigena Mertens ex Bornet ex Flahault was reported from three  18. prosinec 2019 Nostocales · Included families (for AlgaeBASE, 16 November 2015 ): Nodularia Spumigena SNAP-202230-0011.jpg 2,560 × 1,920; 2.8 MB. Nodularia harveyana.

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Some species of Nodularia are associated with benthic environments, but the most common toxin-forming species, Nodularia spumigena, is planktonic. Description 11 Nodularia spumigena in the Baltic Sea produces a cyclic pentapeptide that is a hepatotoxin, based on intraperitoneal mouse bioassays (Sivonen et al. 1989). Published in AlgaeBase (from synonym Nostoc spumigena (Mertens) Drouet, 1978) Published in AlgaeBase (from synonym Nodularia spumigena var. vacuolata F.E.Fritsch & M.F.Rich, 1930) To Barcode of Life (2 barcodes) To Biodiversity Heritage Library (3 publications) (from synonym Nostoc spumigena (Mertens) Drouet, 1978) Tax AlgaeBase Holotype: Nodularia spumigena Mertens ex Bornet & Flahault. Tax Bergeys: IV-I/VII/cluster 2. Phylog This Work: A: 1.

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Omslagsbild: Bada inte här. Blommande Nodularia spumigena. Fotograferad vid Stora Karlsö, juli 2003. Råd om algblomning Läs mer och övergöd mindre Mål: Ingen övergödning Riksdagen har antagit 15 miljö-kvalitetsmål som ska spumigena, Nodularia sphaerocarpa or Nodularia harveyana on the basis of the size and shape of the different types of cells and the presence or absence of gas vacuoles. The planktonic strains of N. spumigena mostly had gas vacuoles and produced nodularin, whereas the benthic The nitrogen-fixing Nodularia spumigena forms massive toxic blooms in the surface layers, with a concentration of biomass in the uppermost 1-m water layer.
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Nodularia spumigena is regularly bloom-forming in brackish water environments, e.g. the Baltic Sea (Sivonen 1990).

Flahault 1888. F. (III). Nostocales. Nodularia spumigena Guiry, M.D., and Guiry, G.M. (2015) “ AlgaeBase.
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DNA sequences from the short 16S-23S rRNA internally transcribed spacer … Three filamentous and heterocystous cyanobacterial strains of Nodularia, Nodularia baltica, Nodularia harveyana and Nodularia spumigena, have been tested for the presence and induction of ultraviolet-absorbing/screening mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) by simulated solar radiation in combination with 395 (receiving photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) only), 320 (receiving PAR + UV-A) and 295 … Nodularia. 2 Material and methods 2.1 Setup Semi continuous batch cultures of non-axenic Nodularia spumigena (IOW-2000/1) were grown at 16 C. This tem-perature was chosen because Nodularia blooms frequently develop in the southern Baltic Sea at this value (Kononen, 1992). The cultures were illuminated at an average irradi- Toxin concentration in Nodularia spumigena is modulated by mesozooplankton grazers ELENA GOROKHOVA 1 AND JONNA ENGSTRO ¨ M-O ¨ ST 2 * 1 DEPARTMENT OF SYSTEMS ECOLOGY, STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY, SE-10691 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN AND 2 ARONIA COASTAL ZONE RESEARCH TEAM, A ˚ BO AKADEMI UNIVERSITY AND NOVIA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, RASEBORGSVA … ToxicNodularia spumigena bloomsinthecoastal watersoftheGulfof Gdańsk:aten-year survey* OCEANOLOGIA,48(2),2006. pp.255–273.