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Find the word most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the given word. 1. Obtuse is most nearly opposite in A. impetuous - forthright. B. callous - avant-garde On the opposite shore walked Paul Revere. Now he patted his horse's side, Now gazed at the landscape far and near, Then, impetuous, stamped the earth, Nov 3, 2014 Mike Gatting, not particularly known for his daredevilry, chose the 1987 final to play an impetuous reverse sweep that cost England more than  May 10, 2003 AN antonym is a word which has an opposite meaning to another word eg They all mean 'not' or 'the opposite of.

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What is the opposite of Impetuous Person? Antonyms for Impetuous Person (opposite of Impetuous Person). impetuous. adjective. Characterized by unthinking boldness and haste: brash, foolhardy, harum-scarum, hasty, headlong, hotheaded, ill-considered, improvident, impulsive, incautious, madcap, precipitant, precipitate, rash, reckless, slapdash, temerarious, unconsidered. … opposite of impetuous,document about opposite of impetuous,download an entire opposite of impetuous document onto your computer.

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Thesaurus Antonyms Impetuous means acting or done quickly and without thought or care.The opposite of impetuous is sluggish, or slow to respond or make progress. impetuous - Similar and Opposite Words.

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structurally bright course through music that sounds impetuous and natural in the I wanted something that was the complete opposite, something much more  a great eagle and a dragon at opposite ends of Yggdrasil, the great World Tree. rightness; initiative, impetuosity; abundance, harvest; knowledge, creativity;. I've recently been on the opposite side of Caroline's scenario, being My style was impetuous, my defenses were impregnable, and I was  This is the opposite of Josephus' statement that Jesus was not abandoned by his In a single phrase, the impetuous Thomas Didymus, shows his willingness to  :73–74 Bergman made her stage debut in 1940 with Lilliom opposite Burgess when she behaved like an impetuous and ambitious actress instead of a saint.

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Opposite of with precipitation. Opposite of in disorderly haste or confusion. Opposite of insistently. Opposite of adverb for moving forcefully or … Opposites For Related Words Like Impetuous . Implicational Implicative Implicit Implicit in Implicitly Implicitness Implied trust Implike Implode Implore impetus. Contexts .
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And huge sediment. In the pure wish, it looks like the opposite destiny. The rotation of love and hate,.

. Opposite of something that makes a process or activity happen or happen more quickly. Opposite of a determination or motivation (to do something) Opposite of an intention for which something is hoped to be accomplished. Opposite of a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event.
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Opposite of the quality of being incautious. Opposite of the state of being restless while waiting for, or dealing with, something. Opposite of desperate recklessness.