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The Bonds represent an unsecured obligation of the Company. This means that in the event of the. Company's  INSIDE INFORMATION WITHIN THE MEANING OF ARTICLE 7(1) OF THE nominees or custodians) (the “Bondholders”) to tender their Bonds for the Issuer is not under any obligation to accept any tender of Bonds for  Limits provide the means of defining the derivative and integral of a function. 11. limited obligation bond; Bond issued by a municipality, state, or public agency  ("Regulation S") and as defined in the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1986, The Issuer and the Guarantor do not assume any obligation to update and/or bond markets or changes in interest or exchange rates may reduce  lease agreements providing Arise a right, but not an obligation, to erect wind turbines on the GB1 grade is defined as “Green bond issuer has adopted an. shall have the same meaning when used in this Prospectus.

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Any thing given or promised, as a consideration for the engagement or gift; any service, interest, or condition, imposed on what is given or promised, although unequal to it in value, makes a contract onerous in its nature. Id. art. 1767. 18.

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These bonds generally come with certain restrictions on the call option. Collateralized bond obligations (CBOs): CDOs backed primarily by leveraged fixed income securities. Collateralized synthetic obligations (CSOs): CDOs backed primarily by credit derivatives . Structured finance CDOs (SFCDOs): CDOs backed primarily by structured products (such as asset-backed securities and mortgage-backed securities).

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A general obligation bond is a common type of municipal bond in the United States that is secured by a state or local government 's pledge to use legally-available resources, including tax revenues, to repay bondholders.

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Bonds are security for court-ordered obligations and certain types of payments. Court bonds are loosely divided into judicial bonds and probate/fiduciary bonds. Surety, principal and obligee are parties to judicial bonds. Collateralized Bond Obligation. An asset-backed security backed by the receivables on junk bonds. Issuers of CBOs package and sell their receivables on bonds they hold to investors in order to reduce the risk coming from defaults.
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Numbers 30:3 HEB: לַיהוָ֑ה וְאָסְרָ֥ה אִסָּ֛ר בְּבֵ֥ית אָבִ֖יהָ NAS: and binds herself by an obligation in her father's KJV: and bind herself by a bond Some general obligation bonds are backed by dedicated taxes on real property and, on occasion, other taxes. Other general obligation bonds are payable from general funds and are often referred to as backed by the “full faith and credit” of the governmental entity. While in many instances “general obligation” means that the issuer or other Bond definition, something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together. See more.

2019-11-30 · A bond issuer may want to nullify its obligation to carry certain issued bonds on its balance sheet, where they are listed as liabilities. Defeasance is a process in which the issuer buys Treasury bonds, places them in an irrevocable escrow account and uses them to pay out the interest and principal promised by the original issued bonds.
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A bond legally binds someone to fulfill an obligation and gives reassurance that the compensation will be available if the duty is not fulfilled.