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Already in peacetime, submarines constitute an efficient intelligence platform contributing to the Swedish Armed Forces’ situational awareness of the sea. One step closer to Blekinge class HMS Uppland is the second Gotland class submarine to be modernised. The Blekinge-class submarine is next generation of submarines developed by Kockums for the Swedish Navy, also known as the A26 type. First planned at the beginning of the 1990s, the project was called "U-båt 2000" and was intended to be ready by the late 1990s or early 2000.

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The Gotland-class submarines of the Swedish Navy are modern diesel-electric submarines, which were designed and built by the Kockums shipyard in Sweden. They are the first submarines in the world to feature a Stirling engine air-independent propulsion (AIP) system, which extends their underwater endurance from a few days to weeks. [2] Se hela listan på Gotland Class Submarine (In future Blekinge Class Submarine) • Use own sensors or relayed information to locate and track target. • Launch torpedo 47 with wire guidance hovering or as fire and forget.

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You may do so in any reasonable manner, but Examples of submarine models in the oceanic range are the Södermanland-class, the Gotland-class and the - currently under production - Blekinge-class (A26) submarines The Swedish Navy's submarines are famous for their stealth. It is easy to fall into a trap of seeing submarines in … 2 new Blekinge class submarines are expected to cost 8.2 billion SEK. 1 Gripen costs something like 1 billion SEK. Now, I don’t know if that Gripen cost is lifetime cost or purchase cost, so let’s be generous and say that two subs equal 8 Gripens in total costs. The 5 subs would then equal one air regiment of about 16-20 Gripens. 2020-05-31 2021-01-26 Once in service, the RSwN intends to use the Torpedo 47 onboard the modified Gotland class submarines, the new coming Blekinge class submarines (A26) and the Visby-class corvettes.

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2020-09-04 · Sweden's next type of submarine, the A-26 Blekinge Class, promises to take stealth to another level.

Операторы: Шведский флот. Предшествует: Готланд класс. Расходы:. 27 Oct 2020 The Blekinge-class submarine is next generation of submarines developed by Kockums for the Swedish Navy, also known as the A26 type.
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The baseline version is optimized for littoral combat where larger nuclear-powered attack submarines are at their weakest, and larger derivatives are 2020-10-08 The Blekinge-class submarines boosts all the traditional operational capabilities of a submarine and is also a strong intelligence-gathering platform within the wider defence network. Its proven modular design ensures availability, with efficient through-life upgrades and adaptations, and low life cycle costs. 2020-10-12 The leading product in the Oceanic segment is the Blekinge-class submarine, currently in production for the Royal Swedish Navy. Its modular design and production method allows the submarine to accommodate a larger and more versatile suite of weapons, various crew sizes, highly efficient AIP systems and a Multi Mission Portal tm , significantly increasing the operational scope. STOCKHOLM – The Swedish Blekinge-class submarine makes use of rubberized mounts and baffles inside the vessel to reduce noise from on-board machinery or crew. Blekinge-Class Submarine / Capability Overlaps In Sweden S A19 A26 Submarines Reduce Programme Risks Armada International. Total submarine fleet strength by naval power.